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"Persis is a great place for you to enjoy authentic dishes all the way from India and it’s cooked from scratch, with fresh vegetables, chicken, lamb, goat and seafood. And spiced with a lots of different Kinds of Indian spice."
20% off Sundays and Tuesdays
Persis catering

We offer catering service, on your choice of menu or leave on us, Our main function is food! Our experienced, professional Chef is dedicated to providing the highest level of catering services for you with his very talented man power. The quality of our food is a result of our teamwork, right amount of spices and traditional style cooking.


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601 s Jefferson ave, suite-B

Cookeville, TN-38501


Kadai Chicken

Chicken cubes sautéed in onion, tomato sauce with cut onion, bell peppers, ginger garlic

Goat Curry

Crispy pastry turnover, filled with potatoes, peas, spices and herbs served with chutney.

"Our  Buffet Serve wide variety of dishes, cooked in authentic Indian spices 
so as to make introduction to Indian cuisine much cheaper.
Goat Sukka
spices on spoon
lunch buffet
Taking Picture of Food
cut mirchi





Lunch Buffet consists of two veg and non veg curries, two veg and non veg appetizers, naan, biryani, desert, white rice, and much more!

*Thursday Buffet - $12.99

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601 South Jefferson ave,

Cookville, TN-38501

+1 (931)-854-9855

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